Microcurrent Facial

                                                                              Acuscope/Myopulse Facial Rejuvenation                                                                              a microcurrent electrical therapy (MET)

Microcurrent photo          

  • Speeds up formation of new collagen
  • Enhances cell multiplication and connective tissue health
  • Stimulates facial muscles to become elastic again
  • Reduces fine lines, wrinkles, acne, and scars
  • Reduces overall stress management through biofeedback

The treatment helps the skin repair itself and become healthier from the inside out by reestablishing the delicate electrical balance in cells. You can now achieve the look you want without drugs, surgery, or temporary creams.

The instrument measures electrical signals from the skin and underlying tissues through various electrodes. The information gathered is the result of millions of nerve endings relaying information about the health of those tissues. The information is then analyzed by the instrument's computer components. It compares healthy and unhealthy bioelectric patterns. Within millions of a second the instrument adjusts the waveform pattern of the energy stimulus to feedback a healthier bioelectric signal to the skin and muscles. By focusing these natural energy impulses through the tissue, the machine enhances actual healing of these damaged areas, helping them conform to the healthy surrounding tissues. The entire process increases cell metabolism, nutrient absorption, information transfer, and elimination of waste products from the cells and tissues. Because the treatment utilizes energy levels that are compatible with the body there is no discomfort. 

As a part of the facial procedure specially designed probes are used in gentle movements to assist the unblocking of the lymphatic system. The procedure is also beneficial for other skin problems such as acne scars, dark circles, puffiness, bruising, swelling, diffuse redness, broken capillaries, and cellulite. 

The number of sessions and frequency of care depends on your specific needs and the doctor will go over recommendations with you. Many patients do 2-3 treatments the first 2-4 weeks followed with 1-4 treatments per week. Other patients benefit from 1 treatment per month as a maintenance. It is important to keep in mind that significant lasting results depend on the condition of your skin, how much stress you were holding in your body, and your lifestyle.

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